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Recent additions, 2010

Teaching Race Relations (from Stair 2010) new image

Teaching British Withdrawal (from Stair 2010) new image

The Wisdom of the Boards (from Stair 2010) new image

Some Lessons from Stair 2010 new image

A Study of Teachers' Attitudes (from Stair 2010) new image

Teaching Plantations
Teaching Age of Explorations (2002)

Teaching GAA (2004)

Teaching the Industrial Revolution (2002)

Teaching 1885 - 1886 General Election (2004)

Teaching 1913 Lockout (2004)

Second Year syllabus (2002)

Role of Hstory Teacher (2005)

Marking Topics and & Essays (2006)

Marking the Documents (2006)

Marking the Research Study (2006)

Leaving Certificate, Ordinary level: Dos and Donts (2006)

Leaving Certificate, Higher level: Dos and Donts (2006)

Irish History: 1920s & 1930s (2002)

Index History Ireland (2004)

History Teachers' Survey (2005)

History Today:RSR Resource (2005)

HTAI Way Forward (2004)

EuroClio (2000)

History Department (2002)

History Education (2000)

History Inspection (2005)

Doing the Research Topic (2006)

Classroom (2000)

Sample Letter to parents (2000)



Comment (2004)


Under Elma's editorship, Stair published articles on history and book reviews to keep members of HTAI in touch with developing trends in history writing and research. Other articles kept teachers informed of curriculum changes and ideas for general policy on history. Put together into this archive, the result is a rich and varied range of human and pedagogic experience. They have all been saved as pdf documents.

Viewing PDF documents: Click the link to view, Right click and select "Save Target As " to download (or "Save Link As" in Firefox). To view PDF documents you will need Adobe Reader to be installed on your computer. This can be downloaded free of charge from the Adobe website by clicking on the link to the right. get adobe reader image link

A new Senior History Syllabus
Nicholas Canny
A History of History Courses: a report on the development of the Junior History Syllabus
Des Cowman
An aims and objectives approach to the teaching of Intermediate history
Mary Gauld
Being there: a site visit for First Year Junior Certificate students
Padraic Harvey
European Studies: a subject devised by the European Association of Teachers and its application to the Irish curriculum (1988)
Robert Kirkpatrick
Examining the examiners: reflections on the first Junior Certificate papers 1992
Elma Collins
Family History Projects
Julian Walton
History Action Research Programme (H.A.R.P) Intermediate Certificate 1983-1986
Sean Mac Giontaigh
History and the Curriculum
John Medlycott
History and the Transition Year Programme
Jim Byrne
How can sources help us to teach history
Jim Byrne
In defence of History
Cork branch of HTAI
Interpreting local monuments and ruins
Des Cowman
Is history safe? The Dáil debates on Junior Certificate history
Elma Collins
Meeting the ideals of Junior Certificate History 1992
Stephen Jordan
Oral history for Junior Certificate
Padraic Harvey
Senior Certificate History
Des Cowman
Some reflections on working on Field Studies in History - Activity Guidelines
Stephen Jordan
Teaching the Plantations
Gráinne Henry
The Murder Machine Revisited
Tomás P.S. Ó Conaill
The new Junior Certificate programme: a teacher's experience
Deirdre Gogarty
The New Junior Syllabus: some practical experience of the first year
Liam Mc Niffe
The Ordeal of the Academy: teaching history to pre-employment students
Keith Williams
The teaching of history in Community schools
Margaret Lennon
Why use Sources?
Elma Collins




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