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National Archives - The Treaty Exhibition

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National Archives - Calendar of Wills and administrations, 1858 - 1920

bullet point National Archives - Census of Ireland, 1901 & 1911

bullet point National Library - The Dublin Lockout new

bullet point National Library - Digital Photographs Online

bullet point National Library - Case Studies

bullet point National Library - Yeats: The Life and Works of WB Yeats

bullet point National Library - The 1916 Rising: Personalities and Perspectives

bullet point National Library (NLIreland) on Twitter

bullet point National Library - JFK Homecoming

bullet point National Library - August, 2013 events

bullet point Royal Irish Academy

bullet point Trinity College Library - 1641 depositions

bullet point Trinity College, The Down Survey

bullet point Irish Capuchin Archives

bullet point Dublin City Public Libraries_on-line gallery of images_Derelict_Dublin_1913

bullet point The Central Library, ILAC Centre, Dublin (Word doc)

bullet point Cork City Library_Cork Past & Present

bullet point Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

Organisations and Societies

bullet point Society of Archivists, Ireland

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Holocaust Educational Trust

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The Military History Society of Ireland

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Co. Kildare Archaeological Society



The 2013 Michael Littleton Memorial Lecture titled: 'Remembering the 1913 Lockout: its sources, impact and some lessons' delivered by Úacharán na hÉireann,

History Ireland - Hedge Schools

Talking History with Lindsey Earner-Byrne & Patrick Geoghegan

RTE History Show

RTÉ - The History Show (Sunday, 2nd October 2011) - Diarmaid Ferriter interviews the Minister for Education and Skills, Ruairí Quinn, T.D.

Near fm 90.3 The History Show

RTE Look and Listen (from the archives)


What If the Eucharistic Congress had not taken place in 1932?

What If DeValera had signed the Treaty

What If DeValera had said yes to Churchill's offer of unity in 1941

What If Clann na Phoblachta had won more seats in the 1947 general Election

What If James Connolly had survived 1916

What If Michael Collins had survived the Civil War

What If Parnell had lived

Why History Matters Quotes

“How can what is not only dead and gone, but remote and sometimes alien, have any practical bearing on today's world? The answer is that, paradoxically, the value of the past lies precisely in what is different from our world. By giving us another vantage point, it enables us to look at our own circumstances with sharper vision, alert to the possibility that they might have been different, and that they will probably turn out differently in the future.”
John Tosh, Why History Matters

"Unlike historians school pupils will not claim to generate 'new' public knowledge from the study of (selected) historical evidence; they will generate new private understanding".
Chris Husbands (1993)

"As a result, the world's most efficient and effective education systems, from Finland to Singapore, have some strikingly common characteristics: they are unremitting in their focus on the core skills of literacy and numeracy, but they set those skills in the wider context of developing higher-order complex thinking. Most of all, they take equality seriously: they focus, in a way which education systems historically did not, on ensuring that all – not just a privileged few – develop the higher-order skills needed to use and analyse information, and that they have access to rewarding higher-level training. Put at its crudest, conventional subjects still matter, but they need to be taught and learnt in innovative ways".
Chris Husbands, (2013)


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Museums and Projects

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bullet point Boston College - Irish Sporting Heritage

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bullet point GAA archives

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National Museum of Ireland_Collections

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National Museum of Ireland_Collins Barracks_schools programme

bullet point National Museum ofIreland Kildare St_ Archaeology _ schools programme

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bullet point Waterford County Museum

bullet point Classical Museum, UCD (Word document)

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Emo Court History

bullet point The Castletown Virtual Tour, Co. Kildare

Portals and Journals

bullet point Scoilnet - Portal for Irish education

bullet point Irish History online

bullet point History Hub, UCD

bullet point Century Ireland website

bullet point Placenames Database of Ireland

bullet point Chomhairle um Oideachas Gaeltachta agus Gaelscolaíochta (COGG)

bullet point BBC History

bullet point Ask Eric

bullet point The Library of Congress

bullet point Centre for History and the New Media

bullet point History Matters

bullet point American experience

bullet point The History Teacher

bullet point Historiana

bullet point History Ireland [Journal]

bullet point Irish Times Digital Archives (Available free to schools and public libraries)

bullet point Index to the Sword (Journal of the Military History Society of Ireland), 1993 - 2003

Curriculum and Syllabus information

Junior Certificate

Syllabus document

Revised Guidelines (1996)

NCCA_Junior Certificate_Fact_Sheet

Chief Examiner's Report 2008

Marking Scheme 2010 (higher level)

Marking Scheme 2010 (ordinary level)

Leaving Certificate

HIST: Online site for Leaving Certificate History

Cork Multitext

Department of Education and Skills

DES_All-Island Schools History Competition (2013) new

DES_History Inspection Reports

DES_ Looking at History (2006)

Why History Matters

Article by the late Sir Geoffrey Elton

critique of Elton's philosophy of history_Geoffey Roberts

All people are living histories – which is why History matters






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